Samsung redesigns sound for the hearing-impaired

When it comes to horror movies, sound plays a crucial role in building fear and excitement in the audience.

While this experience isn’t the same for the hearing-impaired, Samsung Nordics is out to change that through its collaboration with creative agency Wenderfalck, sound production company Chimney, and sound designer Per Sundström.

Together, the tetrad redesigned the film experience for 2008 Swedish romantic horror film Låt den rätte komma in, or Let the Right One In, that ties in with the movie’s 10th anniversary.
By enhancing the bass frequencies, the film’s audio can now be felt by the human body through vibrations, thereby altering the viewing experience not only for the hearing-impaired, but also its hearing audience.

This reworked film is now available on Scandinavian streaming service SF Anytime.

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